Virtual Early Career Ocean Professional (V.ECOP) Day

June 01-02, 2021


The Virtual Early Career Ocean Professional (V.ECOP) Day will start on June 1, 2021, as a 24-hour livestream event following the sun around the world. It is hosted by and for early career ocean professionals from around the world and from a variety of ocean disciplines to showcase their work, activities, and contributions to the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

The UN Ocean Decade is a once-in-a-generation opportunity and the first global campaign to catalyze transformative ocean science solutions for sustainable development. V.ECOP Day will follow immediately from the 1st International Conference of the UN Ocean Decade for Sustainable Development beginning at approximately 13:00 UTC on June 1, 2021.

V.ECOP Day is organized by the German Marine Research Consortium in cooperation with the ECOP Program and is supported by Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the EU’s Framework Program for Research and Innovation as an officially endorsed UN Ocean Decade Activity.

Experience the Event

V. ECOP Day will feature:
Presenters from around the world covering a broad range of interesting topics via engaging formats (fireside chats, scientific presentations, dancing, live Q & As, poetry, and much more!
- Ocean cinema featuring a captivating assortment of short and feature-length ocean and science videos and films
- Social and professional networking via themed chatrooms
- Exhibition hall hosting a number of organizations and projects
- Social media engagement and live wall feed - follow us on Twitter and Instagram @ # ECOPDay21
- Digital “swag bags” to keep after the event

- Translation services (English to French/Spanish, limited to certain time zones)
- Live technical support
- Fun virtual format

Whether early career, experienced, or considering joining the community, we cordially invite you to join us for this exciting virtual event. Bookmark this page and come back frequently for updates on our dynamic sessions.

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Get to know our Moderators:


Time Slot 1

With over 80% of the ocean unexplored, the UN Ocean Decade is the time to dive into deep sea discovery.


Time Slot 1

The Ocean Decade is an opportunity to enhance cooperation and coordination across sectors, disciplines, and regions, and ensure sustainable management of the global ocean


Time Slot 2

The ocean is like a puppeteer, her influence reaches the farthest corners of the Earth, pulling the strings of every being, unseen and unhindered.


Time Slot 2

Raising awareness about preserving the ocean would be the finest way to offset the riches and wonders it has given us.


Time Slot 3

The ocean is the origin of life on our planet, features wonderful biodiversity, and is the regulator for our climate.


Time Slot 3

The ocean matters because it is responsible for keeping life in balance from the physical conditions to complex ecological processes, the ocean is involved in the changes of the weather, food resources, and provides us with many services. For these reasons we need to understand how it works and how to protect it for the future generations


Hānau ka moana (Hawaiian for “the ocean was born”). I am kanaka (native Hawaiian), a descendant of the occupied nation of Hawaii. The mele (songs) and moolelo (stories) of my anecstors inform me that just like you and I, the ocean was born.


Time Slot 4

I come from Fiji, and represent the Pacific Islands. We share an integral bond with the Ocean and rely on it like a child relies on their mother. The Ocean is what gives us our identity, heritage, wellbeing and opportunities. Today our Mother Ocean is facing a lot of challenges and it is our turn to change things for the better!


Time Slot 5

Ocean means connection and balance. What we really need to have a better life.


Time Slot 5

It is in her depths that I find my true self and bliss.


Time Slot 6

Ocean matters, as it might become a Blue Phoenix


Time Slot 6

A dirty drop for humans is a million organisms for the ocean, and yet it is never limited for more drops.

V.ECOP Day will begin at approximately 13:00 UTC on June 1, 2021, and follow a path covering all areas of our blue planet as shown in the map diagram below. If you are having difficulty converting to your time zone, use this online time conversion tool. With over 100 contributions from young scientists and experts from around the world, the program will cover a many issues concerning human-ocean relations. The program is available online.

“We are pleased to be able to offer you live interpretation in English-French-Spanish from 18:00 UTC (June 1st) - 02:00 UTC (June 2nd"

  1. Do I need to register for this event?

    Yes, if you wish to participate in any chats, download information, or enter the cinema. Simply follow the link at the top of the page and submit your information. You should receive an email confirming your registration for the event. You can also watch V.ECOP Day events without registering via a link to be made available closer to the date.

  2. How much will it cost me to attend this event?

    Absolutely nothing! Attendance is free.

  3. Do I need to download or install any information to be able to attend this event?

    No. You only need access to the internet via this URL.

  4. How do I find my time zone?

    Please see the times and time zones in the programme. The V.ECOP Day event will begin at 13:00 UTC. We will then move west following the afternoon/early evening sun all around the world. If you are having difficulty converting time zones, you can use an online conversion tool.

  5. Can I invite my friends and/colleagues to attend the event?

    If you know someone who might be interested in attending this virtual event, please direct them to register using the main registration link at the top of this page. They will then receive their own log-in credentials.

  6. Will I be able to take away any documents or files from the event?

    Yes. Like any physical event, we will have a “swag bag” for you! You can add all of the documents available to the online Cart in your account and then email them to yourself or share items with colleagues and friends by simply entering their email.

  7. Who do I contact if I have troubleshooting issues on during the event?

    Send an email to for any technical assistance.